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I don’t feel anything at all and I feel so empty. I am not feeling anything even if someone cries infront of me I am like ok cry. What is this like even if my parents blackmail me that they will die I am simply asking them go ahead it’s your wish go and die. I am drained out with them emotionally too. I am just waiting for the day to leave the house. Do every parents become psychopaths when they want their daughters to get married. When it comes to son it’s completely different. I am so sick of my parents and their partiality between me and my brother. Due to my mother lack of sense I almost hated my brother for whole my life earlier but once I realised how ugly and cheap mind she has I got to know my brother and we both are good now. Even my brother don’t believe anything my mother’s tells and he treats her just like a trash can. So obviously even I don’t have any good memories with her I just simply want her to be out of my life.
Even in any case I get married I don’t want to visit her or see her again. She is literally on my nerves. I don’t understand whether I am daughter to her or daughter in law. She treats me like typical mother in law. I really want to look forward how she lives herself without proper love from me and my brother. Obviously my brother doesn’t look after her because he is settled in other country. And I don’t even like her presence infront of me. She wants to get married soon so that she can have second honeymoon and all day enjoying by being only 2 people in the house. Idiot I feel bad for myself for not liking to speak curse words. I wish and pray to God that I want to get married to a guy who lives far away from my parents house and also I don’t have to see this lady face soon. If I see her face first in the morning I am like either I will cry on that day or all the bad things I will be hearing on that day at work or with people I fight.


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so much hatred for a mother? what she has done to you? is it that worse?


Yes I never felt she is my mother. she always treats my brother very well when it comes to me I used to get dresses from my cousins as birthday dress while my brother gets new clothes. Even if it’s food everything my brother liked will be cooked I don’t even exist. From childhood I always had a feeling I am an adopted one. From last couple of years I am working so I don’t even remember my Father buying her a single saree or ribbon. I bore all her expenses, pocket money, festival sarees. No matter how much good I try to be to her she always ends up again being a step mother to me. I am just waiting for the day to go to office so I can leave this house and don’t have to see her face


yeah! you should move somewhere far from here
all the best :)