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I don’t even think she likes me
Wanna use me to get over her ex’s
And my hearts still broken, bro
Ask me why did I air her message
Used to be friends, now I don’t like her
Them man are some well known phonies
Can’t talk about love it’s more than a myth
My hеarts still frozen, there’s holes, G look
I can’t express my feelings, if I like you then I might compress it
And I wish that I stayed at home cause’ if I see love then I might just dead it
I see love as an endless game, in this endless cycle pains the gain
I know love has made me change, like why do love stories end the same?
We could’ve gone two years clear in love
But love ain’t a simple thing
She’s got me for the time that I live
But sorry darling, I could never even wife this ting
Reasons why I’m anti-love
I’m anti-love bro, don’t take the mick
Like Jaggar if you know what it is
My brodie came through with a gorgeous ting

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