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I don’t even know how I feel. It’s just a feeling of numbness, yet sadness mixed in. I’m not happy like I used to be, that’s what I get from my two best friends. I thought that being adopted would help me feel better, knowing that I would have a family again, but it didnt. It made me feel worse. I have thoughts of self harm a lot, but I won’t tell my parents anything because feel judged by them, especially by my mom. I don’t really have anybody else to talk to about it besides my friends, but I already feel like I put too much on their shoulders that I’ve distanced myself a bit from them…

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i think you should take time off and have alone time maybe that could help.

if you think that and you. it not right maybe talk to them about that and work it and why is it happening to ask yourself.

Try to make it if it doesn’t work then Lose some friends and get to make more and get to know your self better and I know it hard I been through this

you can this good luck and maybe it just you over thinking it.

little tips from online friends: get to know yourself better , then more people, and love yourself more…

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The part that sucks most about this is that I find it really hard to trust people. I grew up in an aggressive family and we took our anger on each other physically. I loved with it for over 12 years and it was all I knew then. And I’m more of a passive aggressive person, and I don’t like getting physical with anyone. I barely even trust my boyfriend tho. Not because he and I just started dating but because I’ve only known him for a year.

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