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I don’t enjoy talking to frnds on call every next day I like my space I don’t really connect wen my Frnds call me again and again den I find the conversation forceful bcoz I don’t pick calls my Frnds get offended they should allow frndshp to be free what’s your take and opinion on it

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Amlanjyoti @amlan246

I have also same problem. one of my friend he talk so much (30min . 1hr) so i answer with yes and no only when he calls me. Some time i tell him directly how you can talk so much but he don’t feel bad. True friend will understand about you.

I think you are a introvert also.


Its an introvert problem actually don’t try to avoid the person who are trying to speak to you on any way you should communicate with your best most of the I wanted someone to talk to me cause even I’m in a friend cycle there is no one to talk me. The thought that I’m not perfect is the biggest thing causing problem of introverts so yeahh i don’t know what you are doing now but I’m at my 11th grade so nothing actually matters to me cause o concentrate on my studies…and by god’s grace i have a goooood friend noww!!


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