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Shruti Khurana @shruti__kh...

I don’t cry much. I would rather stay in my bed and not tell a soul about how I feel than cry over it and vent it out . That’s the kind of person I am .
A year back , I remember how I used to cry at night almost daily and how helpless I felt and now I hardly cry . I hardly talk to people . Sometimes I wish , I could cry but that just doesn’t happen . I am probably weird . But then I read books . I obsessed over books for as long as I can . And Colleen Hoover has the ability to make me cry. Not much , okay ? I started a book written by her today and completed it today itself . And there were times when I couldn’t really process things . I feel so peaceful right now because I didn’t feel numb unlike how I feel these days . I cried , I feel in love with the story and it just feel nice .
Books have had a significant impact on my life .
If it weren’t for books , I wouldn’t have survived these last two years .
I don’t have any control over my life but as far has I have books with me , I think the possibility of me surviving against all the odds is really high.

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Shruti Khurana @shruti__kh...

*fell .

Introvert @lonelyguy19

I feels the same is reading books help me


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