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I don’t care anymore how mny people tell me I’m strong for the occurences in my life…I want tk be beautiful, I want to be talented…I could have been…if not for the setbacks and the way my parents and others have made me feel…I’m worthless…everyone cares about beauty standard…noone cares about me…noone will because I don’t fit it…I’m too insecure to focus on any other aspects…I isolate from other people…and people have it backwards about me…I do not for one second believe I am better than anyone else…quite the opposite…I’m tired of being called strong for being molested and other horrible things…it doesnt take it all back…it doesnt make me better…i still have to live alons nd angry for these happenings…and for people who dont give me a second chance…but can give a second chance to a molestor! i FUCKING HATE MY SO CALLED FAMILY and I hate myself

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Molesters needs to be punished either by law or by you.
You need to be better for you. Not others. people won’t value you. They value people you can be of use to them.

Could you try for a job or college in a different city or country? Start a new life where nobody knows you and all you can do whole day is work on yourself. Explore places and distract yourself from the terrible things that have happened to you.

I hope people who took advantage of you rot in hell. They’ll suffer sooner than you realise. you know karma is a bitch.

Keep us posted here. We are here to help.


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