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I don’t believe I can make my life better. Every time I make decisions I turn them into something bad or it just fails…and now my present has become a nightmare of suicidal anxiety. How can I face the future and the present when I don’t believe in my own decision making process?

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I know it’s hard. When one after another everything just seems to fall apart. I’ve been there. It doesn’t take much then to impact self-esteem. But what really helps build up that self-confidence is one small victory or one small act of kindness. Kindness and bringing value really go a long way in helping one feel good about themselves. The thing is, we are all capable, nobody has any special ingredients or recipe for success. The only reason people do well is because of perseverance because failure is inevitable. The most successful people have made mistakes. I don’t want to sound clichéd but watching or doing one motivational thing a day, is what is going to build that confidence back again. This is what helped me. I hope it helps you too. Don’t let failure bring you down, you’re not alone, we have all felt the way you do…Everything seems hopeless until it doesn’t. And it CAN happen through your consistent efforts in the right direction.

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Life sucks balls. Everyone feels like they’re in an obscure episode of the road runner show and we’re the Coyote. Decision making is always flawed. Jeff Bezos is filthy rich and I hate 100% of all his life decisions. Life is finite in nature, but it gives us enough opportunities to make errors, fall and then get up and make them all over again. You aren’t redundant, always remember you can always be used as an example. That’s what keeps me from making correct decisions, it’s not about me, it about the greater good. At least that’s what I

No one 111 @jarul

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