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I do not know if this sort of thing like a book review is allowed here or not. But the book did help me in these tough times so posting it.

Note: If it is not acceptable I am ok to remove the post.

Book review of:
Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata
Spoilers: No as it’s not set to any inquisitive plot.

Outliers : those who struggle to fit in. These have to face tough time day in and day out. They exists in several kinds. Some emotionally challenged, some conversationally challenged, some who can’t make sense of whats one says and why, some week and get taken advantage of and then those some who hit the ball of strangeness out of the park. They come in all shapes and sizes (mentally), but go through one common thing: the struggle to survive let alone live. Story of two such outliers the book narrates.

The protogonist Ms. Furukura is strange even for the word strange. She just can’t wrap around around her. Taking refuge wih help of her sister, she finishes her basic studies. Next she lands herself a job in convience store. This store becomes her refuge from the world. Untill someone comes along and tries to move her only to ascertain later how much she had become a convience store woman.

The story highlights the difficulty outliers encounter. At the same time how they find refuge in as ubiquitous thing as a convience store. It also shows the intricacies of a store too. Some funny and interesting instances which we all take so much for granted when we visit a store by ourselves

For me the book helped in two things:one acknowledging an outlier. Second a character in book has habit of slacking for the sake of slacking. Ascertaining, that such people do exists has helped accepting certain things. You see sometimes you know something but it gets entrenched only when someone acknowledges it.

On the whole its an important and interesting book highlighting plight of many. Written in easy english, I would rate it a 3.5 out of 5 book.

PS: for admins, while searching for tags I could find anything for β€˜outlier’. Consider something for it if it makes sense. Thanks

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