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I do feel
I’m better off alone
Alone with my thoughts
Alone with my memories
Alone in my room
Alone with my solaces
People sometimes scare me
Known unknown doesn’t matter
I hardly even trust any
From the things, I have done
To the things, I have seen happening
Around me within me
To the people
Who told me their stories
It’s not because I find comfort
Being alone with me
But the risk I would need to take
To make them matter to me
It wasn’t exactly a lonely road
Till here where I’m now
But honestly
I think bonds have changed
Too frequently
Going forward
I don’t want to be
To anyone
As just a memory
So hey
If you reading this
Let’s catch up
And mend
Those broken pieces
Of what we used to be
And not let it be
Just a memory.

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