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Akshara @akshu223

I didn’t make good friends in college. Like i had friends but you know like people say that college is the best time if your life,cant people make close friends after? I just graduated and its not like i dont have friends but i have never belonged to a group.

I regret not joining any clubs in college. I should have.
Like is it over after college? You cant enjoy life after college?
I have never even had a boy friend…i know its not everything but i am 22 and i feel like i missed out

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Sourav Yadav @sourav4400

Hey, I was born and brought up in a defence society till I was 17. For me, college was pretty tough and strange, as the civil mind was different. I went to a prestigious college, so there were a lot of egos also, which didn’t fit my vibe and I was mostly by my small group. Post covid/college, I came back to a defence society and I feel so much better, meeting old friends and getting to pick up new books and sports.
Idk, hope this helps! Plus got 78 more years to live you haven’t missed out on anything :)

Akshara @akshu223

Thanks a lot,i didn’t think so many would respond

Introvert @lonelyguy19

Im 22 same like you im feeling regret for not enjoying the college life and not making friends, but we should accept its not an end of life you will get all you deserve keep waiting

Akshara @akshu223

Thank you so much

Introvert @lonelyguy19

I think its same story has mine im also gone through this , feeling so sad about it but we can change past right,

Akshara @akshu223

Unfortunately,but thats okay

Anushree @anushree11

I can completely relate to you. I barely made any friends in my college either and the ones I made they just ditched once they were done taking my help for stuff. So it’s alright. We are at an age where soo many new people are going to enter. You will find your people. Don’t worry and in case you need someone to talk to I am a great listener. You can message me.

Akshara @akshu223

I did not expect so many people to respond. Thanks a lot

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Bhatt Rishit @rishit_rb

Hello,i am in college and i have 3 or 4 friends but as time flies there is something that happens mutually we talk less we lost connection and we are jz normal friends and ik when best friend turns into jz frnds how it feels
And every day they are in front of you and you don’t talk as usual

So u had not missed actually bt
Friendship is very hard to handle If your friendship got broke

It brokes you in pieces

So don’t regret it’s okayy

Sorry for very very late reply

Bt if you feel lonely or you want to talk …
DM me anytime…I’ll be there for you as your best friend…


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