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I didn’t know what category to put this under. There was a category for women but not for men?
I am a boy and I am emotional and sensitive. I tend to cry at times but people say I’m behaving like a girl or that I shouldn’t cry so much. I don’t like the fact that crying is - a). Equated with being weak and b). Equated with being feminine AND weak. It makes me furious and I just can’t seem to make people understand

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Avni @avni

I am so proud of you for not conforming to the idea of what a boy should or should not do. We need more men who are men enough to embrace their emotions and feelings.


I completely understand what you are saying. Thank you for being your sensitive and emotional self . Crying or feeling sad is a basic human emotion everyone is entitled to feel . Just because you are a male you shouldn’t have to mask it.

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