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I didn’t exactly understand under what category to put this, but this seemed most appropriate to me. Here’s something that annoys me a little bit. So earlier women were married off early and not given the opportunity to work/be their own decision makers. Cut to 2018, now we’re judged if we do want to get married. I mean i don’t understand, the double standards just do not seem to end. And all this in the name of feminism. That’s actually not right. If someone wishes to get married, start a family in their near future, when they’re of the right age obviously, then I think there needs to be as much freedom and acceptance given to that as opposed to someone who does not see marriage in the near future. Men and Women, when at the right intellect and maturity level, deserve to dream about what would make them happy and not just how successful they wish to be in their careers. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that professional success is inversely related to one’s family life. I think one criteria does not fit all and we need people of all kinds to make this world vibrant and so we should let each to their own and really just stop judging now. Really, it’s high time.

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We couldn’t agree more ! More power to you and to anything that you wish to do. All the faux-feminists need to understand that feminism is about the beauty of being able to do whatever you wish to do and the social equality of the sexes. We, as human beings, tend to compartmentalise everything for the sake of our own convenience. ONE CRITERIA DOES NOT FIT ALL and there’s no better way to put it out there. It’s time to stop saying that, “my way of living is the right way of living.” Acceptance and Empathy is all that we have the time and energy for. No room for the haters and naysayers.


That’s so true! I’ve felt that myself for a number of times, but I’ve always kept that to myself because I thought I’d be judged, happy to know someone thinks like that too :)


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