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I did not get my dream job today and I am also having friendship issues. This friend , I have been there for him since years but He is taunting because I did not go for a trip…!
I am so tired of all this.

Post anonymously?

Why don’t you tell your friend about your present situation
May be they were angry with because of that trip reason but a true friend will understand if you tell him your situation and he will be by your side.
And coming you your dream job
Maybe something better than this is waiting for you and may be life is teaching you something!
Stay strong
Everything happens for a reason
Wat is meant to be yours will be yours
The universe will always make sure it gives the best for you!
Cheers !
Smile !


I understand how you are feeling right now. But it’s not the end. You tried your best and you will try again.
Start thinking that atleast you tried, and keep doing your current job and start learning new things.
And why don’t you leave your toxic friend?