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I dated this person back in 2019 but then we called it off because she didn’t feel anything romantic but I felt for someone after a long time and it’s quite rare for me to be attracted to somebody or develop any romantic feelings. After a few months in 2020, we met but I looked at her as a friend and nothing more because I respected how she felt and didn’t keep any hopes; the good/fun part is that a few days after meeting she told me that she felt something for me and would give it a chance but I was hesitant but anyway I gave in and we tried to make it work but somehow after a few days we ended it again, only this time I felt a bit too strongly for her but never told her till this day but now I feel the need to tell her, because something inside me is draining me and I feel it’s too late and we are really close friends.
i fear that if i tell her how I feel, I’d lose what I already have; need some help on this. Could someone please shed some light on this?

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Tanmay @skinnyjean2611

I think what you are thinking is right if you tell her what you fee and she doesnt feel the same way as you now it can ruin what you have… I want to be real if she is like a very close friend or like a best friend than you should not tell if you tell her you can lose her or if it goes right …


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