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I dated this guy for a month, told him about how toxic my past relationships have been and he chose to inflict the same kind of pain on me again. What kind of a person does that? I mean why would you hurt a person who’s been hurt before?

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P @deepthoughts

This person has no life and doesn’t care about you at all. This is a big red flag bro :)

Arzoo Kumari @arzoo_____

My mind knows this but my heart somehow fails to grab the fact


You are amazing sweetie and don’t deserve any kind of pain or it being repeated by someone who is so petty and undeserving. You deserve much better and someone who cherishes for you. Hope you find someone deserving of you soon :)

Arzoo Kumari @arzoo_____

Thankyou so much :)

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chaithu @chaithu

See , i done this mistake too , hurting her for the same reason she had been hurt before , but unknowingly and unintentionally, sometimes the reasons and all doesn’t matter , the situation may particularly do that and You will pull through this and its okay , im sorry to know that you are hurt again , take care❤️

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