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Depression😕 Lonely Trigger Warning

I dated a man for 5 years and he manipulated me in every possible way. So much that I have no friends left in my life now, he threatened me to hurt them. I’m out of that relationship now, finally - but so so lonely that I’m crying but I cannot find even one contact to call (not exaggerating even 1%)
I don’t have a good relationship with my father either; I wouldn’t care if he dies. The pandemic and the lockdown it carries along with it is affecting my mental health in horrible ways. I tried dating apps and social media but I can’t make myself talk to anyone, it all seems superficial to me.
I need help.


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The first thing is congratulation you left that toxic guy.

Secondly, because you have spend time about 5years so its going take a while before the feelings completely go away.

Call your friends and talk to them if you have any, setup meetings or travel to new place or listen to good music.

Write your feelings down in a paper, you should feel slight better.

And what happened with your father that you have such a feeling for him ?


Heylo! Looks like you’re going through a lot rn… let’s talk… :)


It’ll be great if you can share few more details like what do you do, how your usual days looks like. What kind of relationship it was, how it got over


You can contact a friend even if you were not in contact for long time try contacting any old friend do not worry if he or she doesn’t reply back but atleast try. If you need someone just to listen to you tell me I will share my details. We can then talk