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I damaged some nerves in an accident I had when i was little. They hurt constantly but the intensity keeps on fluctuating. Its my left shoulder that hurts. On some days it s difficult to even move my arm without feeling terrible and on others I dont even feel it. The worst part it is that it gets super bad during exam season due to stress and excessive strain and it becomes difficult to study or write for a long time.


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Hey you should try physiotherapy in general and meditation during the exam season controlling your breath , calming your nerves. There are many YouTube videos for guided meditation.


Oh! Please take care and take care of medicines on time. Sometimes time is all it takes to heal the biggest of injuries. Visit your doctor frequently!


HI! Maybe if it is so bad you should get it checked more often. I hope it does not get worse. Take care.


I hope you’re taking your medication on time? Get it regularly checked. Hope you’re doing okay. More strength and power to you❤️


Hey , hope you are doing well. Stay strong.