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Pholosho @blessing

I cried again today. I tried not to show anyone but i know the person who told me those ugly things made sure i cried. He knew exactly where to pick at my insecurities and he pried them open and used them against me. This is the power that a friend turned enemy will have. The power to destroy you and they know exactly where to hit. They know everything about you, after all, they were your bestfriend. They know your secrets and air them out like dirty laundry thats been washed. Its for the whole world to see.They want everyone to see you as how they view you. Like nothing important. In a way, they’re no better than the people who’ve hurt you in the past. All these insults have taken blows to my low self-esteem esteem, and i seem to find myself crying in an environment where i should be smiling.

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Veeeee @veeee


Standup for yourself
People will keep exploiting if you dont talk back.
Grow stronger
Life is all about ups and down


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