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Preeti @preetieee

I cried again last night because the guy I like doesn’t like me back but he keeps thanking me for liking him🥲(my life sucks I wanna fall out of love asap)

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aprajita @aprajita09

It won’t be quick,but with time you will.Try to divert your mind dear.It will fade away.

Anony Mouse @zapadoz

Lage rsho beta kabi to fislega ya fir tum thak jaoge 🙃

Ritadhwaj Ray @ritadhwajra...

Unrequited love hurts bad, but don’t force yourself to fall out of love, else you will find it very difficult to open up to love in future endeavours. You will eventually gather the strength and move on. Trust me, you will grow stronger. Next time when love approaches you, greet it with open arms.


If it helps, take some time away from this person. Give yourself time and space to heal and grow. Right now, focus on yourself. Redirect all that love and energy onto yourself and the things that make you happy.


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