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I couldn’t find the appropriate category for this// Social media tells us what we are supposed to look like which is basically a 24 inch waist with a zero fat percentage, a big ass but also a thigh gap, a little belly fat is fine but not too much, well toned arms but they shouldn’t be bulky, a woman who’s tall enough for the perfect kiss but don’t get me wrong. “short is great too”. social media tells us what the perfect relationship is supposed to look like which is basically, sex at least thrice a week, dinner reservations at expensive restaurants, free hoodies from your boyfriends, your man hyping you up because he likes the way you dress and your style. Instagram, Facebook, snapchat (or whatever other platform you use) has us wrapped around its fingers, we’re puppets on strings that are attached to nothing but the society’s standards. That is what we all think. If you (whoever is reading this) someday, somehow manage to look past the standards that the society we’re living in holds for us, you might actually find beauty in everything. It’s okay if you want to disagree with me on this, I see where you’re coming from but I personally feel that the expectations that were supposed to fulfill aren’t as bad as we think they are. You know why? Because everything, every damn thing, that we go through or think, is because of the decisions we make on our own. You might actually start caring less, or run out of fucks to give if you take this blindfold off.

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Hit me hard! This is so on point.


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