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I come from a family where my father is the head of the family and my mom is kind of submissive and victime herself too much( she has really gone through some shit”domestic violence”)
I am tired of telling my mom to speak up for herself but she doesn’t have the courage and has no financial standing to get separated. We all are too dependent on my dad which makes it harder to leave.
But my dad does not get things.
He fights, shouts and gets aggressive on little things.
We have tried talking to him about it a million times but there is no change.
I want him to see a therapist but we come from a small town where mental illness is considered “drama”.
How do I deal with it

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Its really hard when mental illness is considered as an Drama in our society, but what you can try is finding a online therapist or set his appointment with some one online who can make him understand things. Before doing so, it will be good if you let your mother know that what you are thinking to do as its really important to have her point of view as well.
Other option could be talking to an elder person at your house, and ask them if they can help and talk to your parents.


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