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I Cnt concentrate on my studies and my exams are coming here so please guide me …

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No one 111 @jarul

You know a lot of studies say that we can’t concentrate post 30 minutes because that’s who we are as a generation. So what you can do is take a 5-10 minute break every 30 minutes. Watch 5 minute YouTube videos, mediate with the calm app or headspace in this 5 minutes. Wake up early and sleep early. The notion that studying late retains more Info and people who are night owls are brainiacs is so bullshit, what happens is that when you’re sleep deprived your brain starts working in hyper mode to make up for the rest you’re supposed to get, and pumps more oxygen which makes people feel like they are learning more, it’ll lead to burnout and is the worst way to retain anything. If you read something 3 times with attention you will 99/100 times memorise is naturally. You don’t have to cram it just read the text thrice with attention. Stay hydrated and eat nuts for energy


prepare it with normal mood don’t take much pressure over mind …
Exams are just a way to check your eligibility , nevertheless not your future .
thus , take it easy and make relaxed while studying … If it’s much closer then revise the topics which are most important or which you had learned properly… Also go through all the topics once … That will help you a lot while giving EXAM…


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