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I can’t tell if I’m forcing myself to be sad or if I am truly depressed.
I can tell if I’m doing it for attention
I can’t tell if I’m overthinking or if this is the end
I can’t tell if this is the real me

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The real you is the happy version of yourself
Who is with so much of positivity and is constantly going and going towards her dreams.
The real your just don’t overthink
The real you is love and spread love 😘😘


it’s okay to be unsure sometimes it’s okay to have some bad days it’s going to be okay you got this fight if you read this reply with something i wanna make sure you are okay. i promise you good things will come it can take time but it will come (virtual hugsss♥️)

thank you this rlly helped ❤️


But i can tell that if it’s bothering you even when you are alone you aren’t doing it for attention.
No matter how near the dead end seems
We still have a tiny ray of hope beyond it
Your mind is a mess right now the same with me too
But we still have a control over it though.
Everything will be alright.
It’s too soon to give up
Life a is a long long fight
And you are the almighty fighter.
Sometimes the line between real and our thoughts
Becomes too blurry to differentiate
At that times go to your happy memories
We are what our happiness indicate

I have been there. You aren’t faking it buddy. I’m with you. We will go through this. We will be happy and successful and will have fun one day in our lives. For the hope is what keeps us alive.
I’ll be your hope and you be my hope.
Everything will be okay trust me