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I can’t take this anymore i feel useless, I can’t even help my family to sustain our living im the eldest but I can’t do anything rn my heart breaks every time my parents argue about money and how much money they spend for my studies, I feel bad for my younger siblings they have to go through this. and in school i am a student leader in a org I need to facilitate our event and most of my officers doesn’t support and help me I can’t blame them maybe they are also burn out and tired, or they hate me cause i keep asking them to do our task but there’s no response. A lot of things are running in my mind, I just want to disappear.

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You are not useless and I would say that it is not your fault that some things are not working out as you or your family would wish them to work work.
We all experience moments where we feel like other people are getting tired of us and that is perfectly OK. You are still in college and the first thing you could do is make the best out of that.You will not be there for very long and the experience and skills, knowledge you get from there will soon be handy in future.
Take it one day at a time, soon, you’ll all be fine


Thank you, im really touch you’re the first person to tell me nice things ever since I’am feeling this way.


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