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I can’t stop thinking about him.
He’s become my main distraction.
I want to forget about him.
I am too young for this.
I need to concentrate on my schoolwork.
I need to finish this year with a high average.
But he is in my head.
I can’t let him out.


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District yourself from him delete every photos
Talk with new people


I don’t have any photos of him. I just keep replying the memories we shared together over and over in my head and I can’t stop.

Try talking to new people make friends


Little problem… I am anti-social. Talking to people is not my cup of tea.

You can try it out


I will try. Thank you🙂

Ya you are welcome

If i tell you to stop thinking about monkeys you starts thinking about monkeys even more…so telling you to stop thinking about him won’t even help you Because in the end you are gonna think about it even more…so how can you arrange your thoughts about it?
If you are connected anywhere stop looking or i should say stalking him it won’t help you but hurt you in the end…and if i talk about what should you do about your mind which keep repeating the memories…so for overthinking writing is a best option …write down what you feel at instance whatever you feel it…just let your heart out… communication is really important in this process talk to someone whom you can trust it can be anyone from here or even your real life…do the things you love…and his thoughts won’t stop all of a sudden it surely takes time…this process will take time but you gotta believe yourself…you gotta trust yourself…


Thank you 🙂


You will ALWAYS find other people, you might just not accept that fact now… But this time to achieve something and focus will come just once. Finish ur education well, and then feel free to connect with people…Speaking from experience as i wasted 5 good years pining for some idiot