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i cant stand this year anymore so imma vent i lost/am not friends with my last friend my best friend of 8 years… i had to unlove the person i fell in love with (had a crush/loved him for 4 years) i have a eating disorder i fainted do to the eating disorder. My loving parents have no idea whats going on… they would be heart broken if i told them that there little girl is going through all these problems… this platform is really the only place i can escape… i really just wish i had a person where i can talk to vibe together break rules together become bsf but i unfortunately will never do to my depression

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Hey this is live we have to survive it take it as a challenge and fight. No matter u are having some one to love or not just think about ur parents and live this life make them feel happy and joy able trust me this will make u feel happy just go out of ur house and see there are a lot of people who are very much suffering they are not evening having the device like u got to use this website but still some or the other way they are living there life. Please do not take any wrong step because you will have at least one person in ur life who will always love u that can be anyone ur friend , family , neighbour or u yourself . So now stop using this website and get ready we have to create our life more beautiful than it is today so don’t feel low if u do get some motivation and it is a FACT that u are not depressed u are all well and ur metal health is better than u ever got OKAY have faith on time cause it changes .
Bye take care


Thank you for writting this i really needed some support like this in my life esspically now. after debating to myself for a little bit i have decided to quit this website have fun with my life meet new people fall in love again and overall feel better thank you for helping me in my darkest time and just making me feel more motivated to keep going on
thank you, take care


I have been going through the same things, I lost all my friends, unloved the person whom I was in love with and lost a lot of weight and now I’ve started eating so much, the guy wanted so many other things than what I wanted to do but could not because he did not allow me to, it is really really depressing and I am still going through it


After reading your thought i realised i was the same, i have an eye issue which no one knew and i also dint told my parents about it like you
But somehow now they know and that is one of the best thing ever happened, they both are very supportive and helped me to overcome


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