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I can’t sleep. I am so pissed. I want to say so much to him. I want to just yell and cry. But I have to let go. I have to. I deleted my fb messenger and it’s so hard not to just go redownload it again to see if he responded to my last very mean message to him. I had some wine in me and I was so hurt he cancelled last minute to my sister’s Xmas party. All of my sister’s friends with their families and marriages and I am there single feeling like a duntz. What a jerk move. He even said he was going to get us a hotel room after but like last time, he found a way to make that not happen. He’s been working on this house across town but where is his money going? Probably to the casino. I feel so stupid.

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Sometimes you need to swallow the hard pill and actually let go. We often want the “closure” from someone and we think it will make us feel better but honestly, it never really helps. It just becomes an endless loop of conversations which never ends. It’s always better to finish it once and for all. You can get through this, I am sure.


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