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Yashaswini @199824

I Can’t loose him, i feel I’ll be alone again, but he has thousands of reasons and other people in his life who’s important more than me. I’m not even in his priority list. He tells me that he loves me but can’t marry me. Until he gets married he wants to be with me. But he has no guts to tell to his parents about us. I don’t want to lose him I’m trying to move away from him bcz it’s the best thing. But i can’t😢😭. I think about it every single day and i can’t even sleep properly. I’m into therapy but still it’s not working😭. I fucking hate my situation. I can’t do anything, I sit all day in my bed and do nothing, i journal my thoughts but nothing is helping me. When he talks with me good and treats me well. My whole day will be happy, but the day he treats me like shit, I cry all day. Don’t know what to do 😭😭😭

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Holy shit ! Its like i am reading MY OWN SITUATION here.
Girl, my situation is the same, i love my guy but he cant marry me because of so many damn factors which are much more of higher priority than me.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, i request you to get out of this. Don’t wait up girl. If he is asking you to stay but can’t even stand up for you. Please leave him. You have to make some decision FOR YOURSELF. Because he has made it clear. Now its your job to do what makes you feel right. I am suffering enough just because of this. I reallly hope and i wish you don’t have to. If there is a little chance for you to suffer less, please stand up for yourself. Your feelings wont go away, whether you stay with or not, but if you leave him, atleast you will at peace even though little.
If you feel, you can stay friends do that, but if not, please clear things out with him, ask him questions- if in future he would want to marry you or stand up for you and stuff , please ask him. If he says NO, kindly stand up for yourself, either way, no matter what road you choose, this thing his memories will sting you for sure. But if you leave him now, you will have a chance to reduce the pile of his memories.
Stand up for yourself.
I am going through the same situation, and i feel i should have left him years ago before reaching at this stage. You have a chance, utilize it.
Its gonna sting bad, but it will sting more if you keep talking as if nothing matters.
Ask him for sure what he thinks of you and future, i know, even tomorrow is uncertain, but if he has made up his mind, don’t make yourself more miserable.
I hope you make the right decision. Wish you all the best. Much more love to you💗
Make your decision otherwise your heart and emotions are gonna lead you to painful path.
Talk to him and then make your decision for yourself.
Stay blessed 😘

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Yashaswini @199824

So sorry that you’re going through pain. I hope you to get out of your present situation and be happy. Thank you soo much for your time, advice and love.

He directly said that he can’t standup for me. I’m trying to get out of this and I will.

I hope you lead a peace and happy life. Lots of love 💖💕🤗🤗💝🌹🌹.


Thanku dear and I wish the same for you 😘❤️
Stay strong 🤗

Sanket @sanket

Sorry to sound harsh but, journaling your thoughts will not help you! While writing them you will start digging into your mind just to bring out all the stuff. You have dug enough already.
You are already aware that in his perspective you are just a filler. Don’t you think you should act accordingly now? If you are discussion about marriage then I assume you are mature enough.
Clear things out on an immediate basis and start involving yourself in some daily household tasks. Start taking baby steps things.


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