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Daniel Nilsson @soulegend

I can’t find a job that fits me. Please advice! :S
My passion is to teach people “Dream weaving and Echo creating.” - which is an unconventional way to learn self-therapeutic therapy.

I help people create their echo - with their echo having its own reality. Where the echos’ creator learns how to take every bad and good thought into amazing adventures for this echo that is created.

Together as the creator and its echos’; they will learn to help each other and make the creator’s reality into a fun experience to evolve its created echo or echos’ life.

My method is easy. 4 simple questions and 1 event. Takes around 15 minutes to create the echo.

But my problem is that I can’t find anyone who wants to hire me as a “Dream weaving and Echo creator”. The real subject name would be more accurate as “Omni-zen-echo-weaving-creation”.

So I hope to get advice on how to find a fitting job. ^^

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