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Ananya @ananya_rukku

I can’t believe people are posting about killing themselves, I mean you don’t have the right to do so. you are already at your lowest how can you get worse than this? So think of this as your new beginning the past you who you wanted to kill is gone now!
it’s the new you now, who is going to work hard for your future new. But that doesn’t mean you are not going to get struck the same situation again. You are strong if you have survived till now, you will be stronger if you get past this thought. I won’t tell you to think about the family or friends, right now think about the things you have achieved if you get over with the situation you are in. think about how you are going to be a better person for yourself if given a chance how you are going to love and pamper yourself gain. Believe in yourself and step out of the room and face your fears. Hiding and quitting are never the solutions, they are the real problems.

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Kumar Shubham @shubham____...

You are right but Sometimes it needs more courage to live . Moving on again and again is difficult .

Ananya @ananya_rukku

I am just here to share my opinions and I may be wrong. You don’t need courage to live, you just live. Yes, you need courage to live the live you want to live. You need the courage to fight for yourself. You need the courage to be expressive, to be vocal and to stand for your opinion. Remember giving excuses is always an option, but owning your mistakes is a sign of a brave heart. Forgiving yourself is the most courageous thing you can do. Don’t move again and again, why are you struck in the same mess? Think before you move on, give yourself time to move on. The key word is “think” don’t overthink.

Kumar Shubham @shubham____...

Very well said 👍


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