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I can’t believe it. I just found out that I am suffering from stress and anxiety without being aware of it. I have been stress eating lately, grinding my teeth while at sleep(according to my fam. members),always felt alone and I keep overthinking about my academics. It never came to my mind that I might get stressed because I feel like I never experienced it. But all along, I was just never aware of it. I tried sharing my feelings to a friend but I don’t find her as a good listener.

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant


You can share here, if you want! Try to think of the reasons that is causing the stress, and slowly start working towards them one by one to bring them into a position where they disappear from your life. Take small steps and do not feel alone, I am here to talk if you want! Takecare!


Share your problems to everyone. Including strangers. I once watch a Ted-Talk about how a woman creates an event where the attendees talk about their problems and there’ll always be someone in that event who will suggest a solution to that problem. The purpose of the event is to solve problems. If your heart feel heavy to talk about it because you’re not ready to show your vulnerable self to them, try to ask a simple question. By simple, I mean the first step to what you’re seeking. Be random. Sometimes, even the smallest thing can change your situation. So, don’t feel so down! And also, embrace your imperfection. Sometimes you’re frustrated in school because of that. But you can’t help it. You keep going but it just won’t work out. So, give it up for a while and come back later. Some people find the solution to their problems that way. They take a walk and the smartest idea comes up. It takes a few steps back to get the full picture to come together. That also means I’m asking you to have a break and do a little self-care. That will push stress away. If you want some idea, try searching self-care on Pinterest. Anyway, don’t let the stress gets to your head. It’s risking both your mental and physical health. We live only once, so make the most out of life. Do the things you love and take every second to enjoy them. What you love won’t make you feel stressed. Don’t think about what other people thinking and enjoy your life. Focus on making yourself the most enjoyable person you ever know.


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