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I can’t be what people around me expect me to be. And nobody likes me the way I am. I’ve lived away from family for so long that staying away from them seems to be a better option than changing for them. I love being by myself so much that I don’t even know how to be married (I’ve been married for 3 years now). I love my friends and am comfortable with such relationships. But cannot handle family and spouse that come with 101 expectations of behavior and compromises.

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Honestly, that’s quite reasonable and very relatable if you ask me. We get conditioned to adapt to the environment we’ve been in. Since you’ve been away from family, you have learnt to live without them. Believe it or not but that’s the ttruth. There’s nothing wrong to enjoy being content with your own company. And the fact is that anybody who expects too much from you is in the wrong, not you. I get it. Relationships are all about compromises and making it work, But that works both ways, and is only healthy uptil a certain limit. It can’t always be that YOU are expected to change…


According to me, any kind of relationship is about trust and understanding. Not everything would be easy to accept, but something can be done only when things are accepted. The good thing here, is that they expect something from you, because they have a kind of connection with you. With time, keep behaving the way you like, making sure that you don’t intend to hurt someone (because then they may get upset) and they will get accustomed to your self. I appreciate that you love yourself and it’s completely relatable that you’ll feel like running away from this. Try to understand their perspective, then explain your reasons. They’re your family, they will understand it someday. Every thing would happen well. ?


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