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I can’t agree with myself. No one thinks the way I do, not that they have to, but seriosly, being completely alone in a world with billions of people? No one to talk to when I am feeling down, no reason to keep moving forward. I want to move forward, then I ask myself why and then I find none. I get sad without any reason. Music was the only thing that motivates me but sometimes it isn’t. I want to talk. I miss being on a stage and thinking “all this people took their time and listened to me, they’re even clapping”. I want to stop thinking and sing a song. I feel alone. No one to tell me that I am doing fine. I can’t stop questioning my urge to sing at this point. I am not even good at it. I am not good at music. Is there anything I am good at other than being alone

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Have you considered therapy? Might help


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