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Avni @avni

I cannot stress how distant some siblings are. And i am terrified of tis distance that only grows more each passing day. My help isnt needed, my love isnt needed. I am a secondary character that they are loosely related to, one if disposed off, would not make a dent in their existence. It makes me angry, so damn angry. I have always tried, always held my part of the bargain and i never recieve, ever. Its like I am invisible, only manifested when needed, and then forgotten again.

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Khushboo @khushboo

Please don’t be sad. I know it hurts sometimes but afterall they are our siblings. We all fight with each other, ignore each other at some moment but we always love each other. 
Same is in your case. They might not show you love but deep inside all of you are closely attached with you. 
Enjoy every moment with them.


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