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I can feel my friend has changed so much. It’s good but that vibe does not exist anymore. The person who I know as my bff does not exist. I’m happy that she is more confident now but nothing change between friends, right. It’s just that I thought we will always be same @ to each other.

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Yeah that is indeed how we want it to me. But remember, people change. Everyone changes due to the experiences they get. Firstly, I would strongly suggest you to give her some space. It is really important. And secondly, communication. Talk to her about how you feel and I am sure she will understand. And if she doesn’t, that is fine too. Maybe she is just busy working on herself and needs some space. Or maybe it is just a phase. True friendships always stay and so will this one! If it is meant to be, it will always be. So don’t really worry about it. Focus on yourself and on your work/studies. Be there for her and she will be there for you too :)


Very good thought


Yes, thankyou so much


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