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I browse through Instagram and Facebook and come across posts which usually blame girls for cheating or leaving. Everybody portray that boys are always genuine in a relationship and girls are bitches.
Did anybody in the world not hear about girls being very serious? Did they not hear about girls giving their everything to β€˜that person’ and got played with their body and soul?
In a relationship, when one person is serious and the other is not. It is very unfair that the one who loves truly ends up being heartbroken and the other has happily moved on.
Why loving someone truly always hurts?
why am i unable to give myself or anybody else a second chance?
why am i not ready or probably will never be, to start over again with some other guy? why am i not ready to like , laugh , hold hands ,hug or kiss someone else again.

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Because life is not a path of flowers.
Why would it hurt? Probably you chose the wrong person. True and unconditional love is when you don’t expect the same love/care/attention that you shower on the other half to be returned. I think the only unconditional love that I know is of mother’s love which is becoming rare these days.
Why are you not able to give yourself another chance? Coz you’re not ready yet. You are hurting and it’s difficult to see the rational side of things when you’re emotionally involved. In your case, it’s sadness/pain/hurt/other negative emotion. You should wait until you are ready. What can you do in the meantime? Build yourself mentally and emotionally. When we do a mistake and realize them we try to correct them. The same is the case with your emotions. Understand that you are the sole controller of your emotions and emotions regulate majority of our decisions. In a world that is all about instant gratification, realize what you need and what you want and what is the amount of effort that it requires. No good thing ever happens easily. If it’s easy, it won’t be lasting. A relationship is effort too, only that you are having fun while you’re working. If you’re not happy in a relationship, you need to walk away. If it’s not making you a better person than you are already, I don’t see the point as to why you would put yourself down. Good guys are hard to come by. Sometimes they are masked in the form a good friend. Sometimes it’s the shy guy who you haven’t taken the effort to speak to. Sometimes it’s the guy you always hated (for some/no reason). A good person doesn’t just happen. He is someone who is invested in himself, someone who respects himself. (Note that there is a difference between respecting and being egotistical). If he isn’t respecting you, you probably shouldn’t worry so much about him (or the posts that you read on Insta/FB. Never go by the quotes written there. They’re too far fetched from reality).
You won’t not be probably ready. You will be before you know it. Don’t sulk over it. It’s not going to help you in any way. Heal yourself as you would help healing your friend who has been through the same.
Life is magical. Don’t make it hellish by overthinking. Remember, β€˜you are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul’
Power to you. Best wishes. Be the badass that you can be.


I don’t know who you are… But Thank you! You made my day.
You’ve given me the touch of confidence at the exact time i desperately needed.
I will save and read this note whenever i feel that i am stuck or can’t move on.


You’re welcome. Now, go get the day!


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