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I broke up with my girlfriend 2 years ago and I decided to look back now that I’ve matured, and keep myself liable with what I do. There were multiple things I’d change about what I did. Not because they were bad, but because I should’ve reached reached out to help her with what she is going through. She was not stable back when we were dating. She wasn’t open to anyone but me mostly. When we started dating she made me her main source of happiness. I thought it was adorable but told her to make herself her own source of being happy. That was she doesn’t need anyone to be happy but yourself. Fast forward to the breakup. She didn’t communicate with me. She left me on delived or on open for a day and then she says something but I usually forgot since I forgave her, but I didn’t this time. I felt like I was just being forgotten since she just didn’t bother to take a minute of her day to say if she’s busy or something. I’m sorry if that’s too much to ask for, but I just want reassurance. (When I broke up with her I had the “I don’t need anyone but me” mindset. Stupidest mindset to have.) I started thinking about her olut of nowhere for some reason. Made me think on my past mistakes and hoe I should apologize to her but I was afraid she wouldn’t want to hear from me since she was the most loyal person anyone could ask for and I just left. I reached out and apologized. She said she forgives me but I think she should be mad at me. She said she wasn’t and that were good. I’ve told her how she was and we talked for a few minutes. (She obviously doesn’t talk to me like we used to. Felt like we were strangers and that feeling hurts. I’ve decided to tell her how I felt. She said “I don’t know what to say” I said “It’s alright, you don’t have to say anything” she said “But I feel like I should…” I told her that she shouldn’t feel obligated to. That it’s fine. (Honestly of course I wanted her to say something. I just feel selfish to ask for a response when I’m the one that broke up with her. Conversation changed and I asked how she stopped missing what we

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(I apologize for some misspelled words, the text vecomes invisible when I type a long paragraph)

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I asked how she stopped missing what we had, she said who said I stopped? Made feel happy. The I told her how I felt about her still. (Sorry for switching it up, I first asked how she stopped missing what we had and then I told her how I felt.)

She told me that she is not stable for a relationship right now. I told her I understand. If she needed anything, I’m just one message away, and that’s how it ended. She said this a week ago now, so it’s recent. I apologize for being selfish hoping for her to take me back. I came to the conversation not expecting her to take me back and yet, it still hurts as much if I were expecting it. I love her, but it seems it’s just me who feels that way now, and I deserve it.


I’ve been smoking and drinking alcohol some days and go all out(not all out all out but just an above average amount). I know my limit and know when to stop. Smoking really eases your mind. I recommend if you’re feeling hopeless.


Listen forget it
You tried to make it fair na
That’s the only thing I could do
Who doesn’t do mistakes
Maaan we are humans
We are supposed to do mistakes
Leave it in past
Don’t regret it
You couldn’t live in prasant
This is a life not a movie okay so live in it okay
I wish you live happily:)


Thanks man, it’s just that she really made me feel something I can’t describe


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