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I broke up with my boyfriend six months back. It was a toxic relationship and I wasn’t myself in the last few months. I broke up and felt way better. However, all my friends supported him. They still do. All my friends and I still talk but I am not comfortable with the fact that they talk to my ex too and that they all hangout and there’s nothing awkward between them. I love my friends and I have confronted them about this but they don’t seem to understand and still talk to him. It bothers me very much

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Avni @avni

I think what you could do is start establishing boundaries for what works and doesnt work for you. If you feeling awkward is a problem then the people around you should be as much supportive as you are to this situation.

Kashika @kashika

Firstly, be open with your friends as to what you like and what you not. If your friends hanging out with your ex boyfriend bothers you that much, do not be afraid to confront them about this, think of it as something you’re doing to enhance your self regard. If your friends still do not get your perspective, do not be afraid to voice out your anger or disappointment. You have every right to do so. Take care :)

Shruti Singh @shrutisingh

maybe its time you let go of your friends babe.


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