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i broke uo with a guy i thought was loml. he thought so too… our relationship was amazing… we both were very happy… for 2 years, but in 2 months everything went down hill… i was miserable when he broke up with me… i was so heart broken… i was dealing w it somehow… i cant sleep for days, don’t feel like talking to anyone, eat anything, I am miserable, and I thought he must be too… but its just been a month and he posted an ig story w some other chick… i wanna rip my heart out

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Girl you are worth all love please be with someone who actually values you presence and let that asshole regret on what he is losing


thank you so much, it’s just been so confusing cause he sent me text about how rare I am and he knows I can do great and I deserve better in terms of guys and all and losing me would be a shitty moment for him for the rest of his life and my best friend asked him if they were dating he replied saying seriously? shows how well she knew me and all… but I am not being crazy am I? we both were going through rough phases but I checked on him always and put aside my sorrows for him… he was so good to me for those 2 years, feels like a complete different person :(


Love yourself coz you deserve it. He clearly wasn’t into you or the relationship coz as you said he’s with someone else. Stop thinking about him engage yourself in some hobby or go hangout with your friends. You deserve better


i did try all that, but he felt like home, I really didn’t let my guard down for anyone else, it’s just been so difficult cause he was my everything, things were actually great… what happened was too sudden… i just have hard time putting myself first, from the start… if I do it, I feel that I am doing something wrong…


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