I been felling low today regarding my studies
I always end up settling for what I don’t want
I never want this college for me
but due to lack of money at that time, i just settled in that college and they took my admission by saying we have houners on our college but there was nothing like houners in this college
when it comes to my master my parents are again saying that we are going from a financial crisis hope I understand … I understand everything… but when I try to make them understand why don’t get what I am saying
back to today
I just checked my university ranked it was far behind 3000 I told my mom and she just starts yelling at me it’s your fault.
all I am saying is I end up settling in the end but get nothing and I don’t want to study this university hasn’t been updated for the last 7 years now what to do I don’t know hope I find some solution here . I m in the middle of my first semester … all know I always want the best for everyone but in the I just settle for nothing for myself

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I also studied in a University like this only. It was very old. The furniture was so old. No proper infrastructure. No proper facilities. I decided to concentrate on extra curricular courses along with studying. The basic courses that might help in getting a job. I did national and state level computer courses, some subject related certificate courses etc. There are many opportunities out there. If you can migrate to some good college you can do that. Sometimes because of situations we have to settle for less but don’t always settle for nothing. You deserve everything.

anmol sharma @studywitami

thanks man thanks for giving for some hope

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