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anu @anu2

I become a completely a changed person In last 3 years… can’t even smile, because it feels so heavy. Can’t complete my ph.d, always negative thought about my health (my body is going through so many changes: hair baldness, some red patch on my legs, severe acne). PCOS. Married for 2 years but can’t live with my husband (because of his job). Don’t hv a stable life. One abortion. Now very worried, whether I could conceive again or not. Whether I could ever live a happy life and smile again, like i really mean it

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These are something facing called troubles by you. We are human and have plenty of great things when compare with animals. Relax and calmness and observing thoughts will give you more ideas to make it better day by day. When you look at troubles they keep piling up and adding and keep adding to that list. But start looking at good side of you. Your husband working for you and your family. You guys can decide where to live and how to live. Kids are gift from god. Sometimes things won’t work Amin out wya we think. Buy god never let you down. Plan accordingly one at a time. Health, Studies and happy life…and vacation etc.,

God bless you
Just compare your pain that you have with howmuch Sita maatha struggled at Ravana’s place (Sita Maa from Ramayan)… it is all negligible…

Just observe your thoughts

Rahul @lonely_lucky

Hi Anu,

Don’t worry about your health just relax. I can understand the trauma you are going through, but this doesn’t mean you should stop, you should start fighting for your life. Consult a good doctor and discuss about the problem. Don’t worry everything will be fine. Main thing is you should be strong.


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