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I asked my gf if they miss their ex and they said yes but in a friendship way not romantically. I understand that they were together for a long time and that they were once best friends and I appreciate the honesty, however I do not like the idea that she misses them even if it’s out of a friendly place. I get missing the memories but not the person. In my opinion she still misses them because she is not completely healed or she hasn’t fully closed the chapter. She did try to reassure me that she loves me and that she never has loved someone as much as she has loved me but it still bothers me.
She didn’t even say she understood my point of view, she never once denied that it isn’t true that she hasn’t fully completely healed , that she will eventually stop missing her ex …
Has anyone gone thru this ?
Am I just wrong ?

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No you are not wrong…it is a very natural human nature that u are feeling bothered…but imagine what if it was a physical pain… example she got hurt in her foot and she loves and enjoy going on long walks with you and for u also going on a walk together is the best feeling for both of u…but while walking, her foot does hurt sometimes and remind her of her pain, her injury and most importantly the time how happy she was before getting hurt in her foot… she will get sad…but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love going on walk with u or u are not a great company to her…here instead of telling her how bad u feel when she is not fully happy walking with u…give her time to heal…or comfort her make her feel special…

May be my this example gives u a different prospect specially from her side… And I feel u shud b proud of the fact that she is so honest to u…not like she is lying or talking or meeting her ex of she misses him… but remember in this process don’t try to be her ex or the best friend she is missing…don’t take their place but make yours…


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