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I and my ex broke up like a month ago. It was his decision, I was very upset and felt like he played me. recently I have been dreaming about him alot like I have 5-6 dreams of him which is insane cause I have never dreamed of the same person so much that too in a row. In my dreams I mostly see him along with his family members. One day I had a dream of us kissing. Everytime I dream of him he and I are in good terms while in actuality we are not and he pushed me away. And yes I think alot about him too…can anyone tell me what do these dreams mean?

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It means you should talk to him


Now there is nothing to talk :)


They’re nothing more than withdrawal symptoms. You’re not coping well to your brain’s functions. You must be in a lot of stress and forcibly sometimes to produce some dopamine your brain does all the foul play.
Try to do something out of your comfort zone. It might take a day or to get used to it but for a long run, it is something so many people benefited from.
I hope you get all the happiness in the world.


Thankyou so much. I wish you the same


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