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i am writing this cause i fell really demotivated of my personality. since two weeks i have kept every thing bottled up. i could not say anything to my family,they never understand,my friends ,well they have their own issues.
i am really bubbly and chubby girl since childhood. i never actually cared about what people thought about me,yet made sure i do not make a fool out of my self. i have a really small friend circle and they are really amazing souls. i was very self confident and always thought that my looks are never gonna affect me and my thoughts
long story short i started having crush on this guy, who is way out of my league. yet i could not stop falling for him. we were hi bye friends,never actually talked that much in fact. i still had hope that he would like me until his friends actually shipped us both which made things even worse. we never talked after this whole thing happened. he started ignoring me even more, but when his friends are not around he behaves different . ofc i was not too dumb to notice this and i tried to get him out of my head. well one fine day believing all of this was true i gathered the courage to ask him out. i know i was dumb but something about him makes me think like this. and the soooo obvious happened i got rejected on my face. this guy, sorry, this player out there literally started criticizing me.
ofc i was never affected by anyones words before so did his , but then i realized what he meant is right.
i am really not able to figure out my true self and i get lost every time i try to. i really meed someone to help me out with this situation.

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So you will let the fact that you are an amazing beautiful girl slide just because some random dude was blind to see that?😕
Come on you know yourself better than that girl! 😊
So this guy talks to you only in private because he doesn’t want to be “seen” with you in public. That tells a lot about his shitty personality. People in relationship lift each other up. You would rather want to be with a guy who loves you and respects you for who you are. I don’t know it seems you’re pretty and funny which is an amazing combination a person can have. Anybody blind enough to see that doesn’t deserve to date you.
Let that guy be a jerk to some other girl. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. You got your family, friends and your own life.
If you still feel that you want to change yourself, you can start working out a bit. Nothing Arnold level. Baby steps. A little bit of diet and workout. Only if you want to.
But please not to get the validation from that jerk. Only to feel good and confident in your own skin. Don’t give others the power to label you.
Babe if you don’t see your own worth, respect and love yourself, how will someone else be able to do that! Just chill. You got us to talk.
Take care! 😊


Also cut ties from that guy. Will be difficult at first since you got a crush on him. But the fact that he was mean to you and hurt you would help you get over him sooner.
There is a chance he may not expect that since prince charming thinks he is the best out there. He may try to get in touch with you again.
That’s all. 😁


thanks a lot. 😃 i did forget the guy but lost myself in in this whole process. i forgot to figure out myself again. yep i will start to work out a bit too. thanks for responding.


hello thereeee bbygirl! even if you really feel what he said about you was true, just turn it into a motivation and tell yourself constantly that if you really want to be the bestest version of yourself, you can and you will get there. I promise! ❤️❤️ this is God telling you that you should push a little bit harder but rlly though, dont be too hard on yourself. Its a progress, its a journey. enjoy the sweetest and the pain you are feeling and yeah embrace whatever it is. AND please, along the way … try to forgive and accept yourself the way you are yet still making self-improvement. Forgive him too, even if its the hardest thing to do. lastlyy, maybe this could be rlly the time for you to find your true self. it rlly is a journey <3 love you hunn!! you deserve love and care, nothing less.❤️❤️❤️


thanks a lot. this is truly what i need i will take small steps to improve myself and make a better version of me. i did forget and forgive him. but words make a huge difference right. so i am gonna ensure i keep improving myself. 🙂




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