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Sonu @sonu2222

I am with this guy for 3 months, he is a businessman. He is the kinda guy i feel good with, but he and i have different life goals, he lives in delhi and has a pretty normal life, however i work at an mnc and i am an ambitious girl,always wanted to explore world and njoy life. He is too determined not to leave his parent’s and want a simple life. I am ok with his choices but he is not even ready to adjust for a small thing for me. If i share something related to my job with him, he says you can purse and do anything but I won’t be able to join you anywhere as i have my business and family here. We are having a good understanding i always feel attracted and happy with him, but when it comes to these things i feel i will always be th one to make him understand or sacrifice. Dont know what to do, its hard to leave him as he is the kinda person i want.

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Oh Sonu, that sounds so hard… I believe in being true to ourselves. If your spirit is truly looking for that adventure to fulfill your souls desires then you will regret not listening. I would say sit quietly and look deep inside and ask yourself what you truly want as you want to live a life that if full and meaningful to you as this is you experience and no one else’s. I hope this helps I hope all the best to you and to him.


Close your eyes and imagine 5 years from now. One scenario with him and another without him. What are the blockers you see? What are the possible opportunities in both scenarios and most importantly are you happy? You said it’s been 3 months so this is all pretty new I’m assuming. Think of the time when the love settles a bit and reality of life hits you. Take your time and think this through. It’s a big decision.

Sonu @sonu2222

Yes i know its a difficult choice, i have been thru this process many times with different guys as i am looking for arranged marriage but the kind of emotional support i get from him is what i find rare, hence more confused whether any1 else will understand and feel my emotions at the same level.or not.


I understand as I am fighting same storm as you. Not getting any younger you know. It is normal for you to feel like this is the best option available to you. But you are a strong independent woman. Don’t let the pressure of marriage ruin your entire life. I fell for someone similar. Very similar scenario. I was clear I didn’t want to be confined to one place and settle down with in laws in the same house. He has two sisters unmarried. I loved him with all my heart but I can’t see myself in a setup like that.
I would have even tried if he said “we” as much as he said “I”… YKWIM. His world, his plans, his family and where do I fit in this picture. Don’t get me wrong, someone doesn’t have to be a bad guy or toxic for things to end. Sometimes people want different things.
You only let yourself down if you kill your dreams and plans to fit into someone else’s world. It starts to get suffocating after one point. It’s not even about him. It is about what you want from your life.
Have you seen Tamasha? It kills you from within when you know you don’t belong somewhere. This is 3 months young relationship and you have had your dreams since IDK teenage may be…
Don’t give in to the fear of loneliness. Take your time with this and do what’s right for the person you have become after so much of struggle.

Sonu @sonu2222

Thank you so much for such thoughtful words, i dont know who you are but i will definitely make a decision keeping your points in mind.🦋🦋🙏🙏


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