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I am very much introvert sad person from childhood .i became toxic day by day .I m loosing interest in people which I always closed to .
I can’t focus on my studies .I hurt so many people around me.
How to build self confidence …
I just some one to listen to me…

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Hi friend,
First of all , don’t label yourself with the tag of an introvert. During this lock down ,things might seem worse because we ought to get too much time to self analyse which usually end up in judging ourself and blaming. You would be a wonderful person from inside and you have made your first mark by analyzing your setback.To build your self esteem… I think would be to break the ideology that you are an introvert and begin a conversation with your family.Writing your thoughts like today might make your visions crystal clear.Here you can speak your mind out. We are here to listen to you.
People usually tend to be bad listeners and you are not quite what it seems to be because you like to share your feelings.keep going .


I feel you’re describing what i feel. Although I’m an introvert too i don’t think it’s a bad thing and sometimes even feels like a good thing. Toxicity is something I’m struggling with too. Saying mean things to people i probably want to be good with the most like my father and sister and friends. I guess we have to dedicate every day for a certain amount of time to not let ourselves always get into the fight mode.


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