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I am very down today. Recently my bestie relative passed away and she msged me regarding this. But I was kinda busy and really not in mood to talk at all because i have very bad anxiety and didnt wanted to say anything rude thats why i cleared my notification box and forgot that she msged me. She was very upset and angry and msged me again yesterday and thats when i realised what mistake i did. I quickly msged back to her and apologized a lot. But then she started to blame me for everything (eg: “I am the reason her life is so misreable” or “I cant understand her” or “Im never with her”) and i know that i did a very big mistake for not being with her for the first time but she was so furious and started blame game.
I was devasted at the end of the conversation and told her that she is having grief paon and to calm down but she became very dramatic so i apologized and sended my condolence and said bye.
Little did she know that how much bad, inssecure and depressed i felt because of her dramatic behaviour. i feel guilty for not msging her that day but today conversation went way out of line.

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Hey…I understand that you’ve been busy and have your own set of problems to deal with, but I think your friend is in a similar kind of a mood, she just lost her relative so it must’ve taking a toll on her psychologically. And whom can she express apart from her best friend. just forgive her for this once, she doesn’t know where she’s coming from. she probable spent all her pent up emotions on you. Forgive her and help her out. shower her with love she requires that. Best friends forgive each other no matter how hard the situations are. She’s probably feeling guilty too, just talk to her and understand whats going on with her. I understand that she crossed the line, but she’s your best friend…



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