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I am very confused about my future as my final year has started, people around me seem to be working towards their goals , getting jobs ,applying for higher education and I just can’t get started with things whenever I do It feels poitnless because I failed a couple of times in the beginning and now my confidence is just shattered into pieces idk how to approach this problem. I don’t know what my field of interest is and I am constantly being told that I need to fix a goal and start working towards achieving it.

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Hey, I just want to say to you that it’s alright to not know what your calling is right now. But just keep trying things. Don’t give up, failure teaches 2 things:
1) We are maybe not good at thtat thing
2) We need to put more effort

Don’t let somethnig like failure put your confidence down. Don’t let that be something you measure the rest of your life with. In your final year, i’m guessing you would be what 23-24 at the most? THAT’S IT!!! Most people don’t end up doing what they start their career with. So, don’t think of this as the final destination. Just do what seems like the best thing to do RIGHT NOW, and something that you think will make sense to you for the next few years to come and not your entire life.

Forget everything, and start by believing in yourself. Faith, confidence and belief is everything. Think about how you got into college in the first place, it was YOU who made it so far, right? YOU CAN DO IT. If you can’t decide on one thing, try everything. Apply as much as you can, wherever you can. Jobs, education, just go for it. Don’t lose confidence because of rejection. Give it your all. Because later in life you will not regret the failures, but you will regret all the chances you did not take.

Failure is healthy. And everybody goes through it. Don’t let it dictate your state of mind or your decisions in life. Just breathe. Everything is alright. You are healthy. Things are good. You can do it. Trust me, trust YOURSELF, you CAN do it ??


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