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I am very confused about my career. I am 27 currently and I have no clue what is the best career option for me. Although I am a B Tech graduate but my experience is into operations and now in HR. I do not feel satisfied and stable. People younger than me are doing good, they have a line to follow and I am here with no clue. I cannot understand what work will make me happy.

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Honestly i am in the same boat. I am so confused about what to do next. I would say just give yourself time and think it through. Sometimes just taking a break helps a lot. Also everyone is different and everyone has different journey so do not compare yourself at all. Your journey is unique. Learn and grow!!! It’s fine you will find your purpose!! Just give some time!

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That’s good

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anuj @anujvohra

If you like operations, then pursue the career there. Be the best in your line. It always helps. You will always find people who are doing well, learn from them what they have done well. May be it will help. What’s your main interest lies?


To tell you precisely, there is no correct answer to “what do I like?”.
You can only find it after exploring. I know this is not convenient but this is the truth.
It will require effort and time however, please do not take stress about it.
I know an author named Robert Greene who tried atleast 50 professions and was confused even when he was 37. So some are late bloomers so, take your time.
But do not stop the exploration part and be in harmony with the concept of hard work.


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