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I am verbally abused by my family basically everyday, I lost my mom in 2018. She had overdosed and I live with a few addicts. I cant handle my past traumas. My friends keep blowing off my problems. I’m losing hope.

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That’s not right. how old are you? is it possible for you to move out? you know, you can get over past traumas, you need a different, healthy environment…where you are right now, it won’t be easy to get better or move on in life. but in a healthier, happier place…it is possible…very much so…please don’t lose hope on thzat

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

So sorry to hear that. But i feel living in such a toxic environment is so difficult and not only difficult but even harmful for your mental health too. Just try to move to some other place. A new environment, new people, and free environment can make you feel better. 
Wish you a healthy life ahead. ?

Khushboo @khushboo

Please don’t loose hope. Try to put all these thoughts aside now and to move ahead in a positive manner. Change your place from addicts, it’s harmful for you. 
Don’t trust on people easily and try to ignore them whenever possible.
All the best.

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